12 types of suit fabric


Linen is one of the oldest fabrics in the world that is so natural, beautiful and easy to care for. This fabric is usually made from flax fiber and the making process involves plant rotting, yarn spinning and finally finishing. This lightweight, breathable fabric has earned a huge popularity over the period of time amongst modern youngsters. The fabric is also renowned for its sturdiness and durability. We all know, cotton is well-liked by many, but linen fabric is much stronger and sturdier than cotton. This fabric doesn’t need to be ironed anyway, as it will look exceptionally beautiful and natural on its own way without any sort of ironing. But if you want your suit to look crisp and pressed, you can have them ironed and appear amazingly stylish. If you are living in a hot and humid region, linen fabric is the ideal choice for you that could effectively safeguard you from harsh beams of sun. Most importantly, you don’t have to spend more time in looking after this fabric as they are easy to maintain. When kept up properly, they would offer you a stunning beauty and charming elegance that couldn’t be found in any other fabric..

Worsted wool

Worsted wool is a quite heavy fabric that was found in England in the early 1700s. This fabric is spun into smooth twisted yarn and again mixed to take out short fibers. It is all about getting only long fibers that lie totally flat and parallel. This fabric doesn’t crease or winkle easily, so that it could give a polished effect to any sort of clothing article. They are usually mixed with gabardines or mid-weight corded wools to create stunningly sturdy suits. This fabric is hard-wearing, durable and exceptionally great for wearing throughout the year, regardless of the season. Worsted wool is the most popular choice in the fashion market today. This is also a versatile fabric that could give you the best comfort, when worn. The wrinkle-resistant and longevity nature of this fabric has earned them a top spot amongst available fashion fabrics. This fabric is also known for its high moisture absorption capacity, so you can wear them during hot days and still feel highly comfortable. They also offer impressive insulation properties that would be loved by anyone and everyone.


Cashmere is a wool fabric that can be used to create various clothing choices like suits, sweaters and scarves. The fabric has got its name from a state in North India ‘Kashmir’. This fabric was first created there and from where it was exported to many different countries of the world. It got extremely popular due to its warm, soft and lightweight nature. These days, they are made from very fine undercoat of goat hairs and these goats are generally found in high altitude areas where temperatures go extremely below the freezing level. Not only do they make the wearer look so great, but also sophisticated and luxurious. With proper maintenance, they will last for years while still making you look highly fashionable. Cashmere fabric is renowned for their amazingly delicate structure and wonderful smooth texture. You know, cashmere suits are one of the great ways to look fashionably great and keep yourself warm and snug in the colder days of the year.


This is a kind of fabric woven to have numerous tiny stripes running all through the clothing choice. They got the name just because the stripes are as this as a pin and are usually vertically faced. They can also be created by using a different colored warp thread at equal intervals. Exceptionally thin, crisp and evenly spaced, they give a classic elegance to any sort of suit. Put succinctly, they help you stand out from the colossal crowd, when worn in the right way. Wherever you turn, you will often find plain black, white and gray suits and amidst those dull choices, pinstripe would add a subtle touch to your outfit and give a polished effect to your look. With a neatly stitched pinstripe suit, you will get a formal professional outlook that can never be paralleled. Most of the pinstripes are invisible from a certain distance, so you can still maintain an overall professional image. When viewed from up close, they do have more interest and panache.

Chalk stripe

This stripe is quite similar to pinstripes, but tends to be a bit thicker in width. Pinstripes are generally formed by a single thread, but chalk stripes are formed by multiple threads creating a wider and thicker stripe resembling a bulky like drawn in chalk. These continuous repeating bulky parallel lines arranged in a vertical fashion would add a visually stunning effect to your outfit, you know. These stripes also tend to visually lengthen your silhouette. Be it a business meeting or evening party or casual event, these chalk stripe suits are sure to give you the desired look. Simply pair the suit with a subtle outfit to bring more attention to the stripes. This chalk stripe is certain to give you an extremely sophisticated and charming look. You can even wear these chalk stripe suits over a dull outfit and lighten up your look. Never forget to add a pair of stylish shoes to spice up your image.


Silk is an exquisite fabric that is extremely easy to wear and makes anyone feel incredibly comfortable. They do have an attractive feel and rich look that would make anyone appear fabulously shiny. This fabric has a natural luster and softness that can make any wearer feel extremely cozy and comfortable. Being associated with luxury and style, they do add more to your sophistication level and fashion sense. Today, wearing silk suits is considered as a symbol of richness, success and wealth. Gone are the days, when only women’s clothing articles were made using silk, but today there is no difference. Silk is used in the creation of many different suits, irrespective of the gender and age. The better absorbency level of this fabric makes it extremely comfortable to wear it at any time, particularly in hot days of the year. They also do have high elasticity; they are exceptionally good at keeping your shape, when maintained properly. They also add a shine to your look that can be unmatched.

Herringbone fabric

Herringbone is a fragmented twill weave composed of vertical sections arranged in both left and right directions to create a fishbone pattern. This fabric is generally wool and is one of the most renowned fabrics used in the making of suits and other outer garments. They are also timeless clothing choices that add nice dimension and texture to any look. They are one of the gentlemanly fashion staples that could add a visually stunning effect to your image.

Seersucker fabric

When it comes to supreme comfort and ultimate style, seersucker is the finest fabric. Basically it is a summer wear fabric that could protect you effectively from the drenching sun and make you feel cool all day long. Because of their lightweight nature, they are an excellent choice for summer outdoor events and beach weddings. It is actually a thin Fabric that is quite similar in look and feel to traditional cotton or rayon. Oft, this fabric could be thought of a puckered or striped fabric that usually has a casual cool look associated with them. They also do have many health benefits associated with them. Some notable features of this fabric are its versatility, lightweight nature and softness. They also require little or no maintenance at all. Today, they are a great alternative to the traditional cotton/rayon fabric.

Twill fabric

This is one of the three original types of weaves used in the making of suits, sweaters, pants and ties. This fabric is weaved in a diagonal pattern to give a distinctive look to the wearer. In short, it is a plain-weave fabric that denotes the ancient time and vintage fashion. The threads are arranged closely together to produce a strong and thick fabric. This strong and heavy weave is perfect for outer jackets, blazers, pantsuits and most importantly jeans. Since they are quite heavy in nature, they are best clothing choices to wear during winter and fall. This fabric has a luxurious drape and is highly resistant to wrinkles and creases.


Flannel is one of the softest fabric choices that require additional maintenance and special care while washing and drying. It is also a durable fabric that would give you a shapely figure, when worn with right outfits. Extremely warm and soft, they are available in many different colors and designs to match the fashion preferences of any individual. This fabric can be easily blended with cotton, silk and wool fabrics, so you can wear the suit all through the year, regardless of the season. Its cozy feel and soft nature could make it the perfect fabric to keep yourself extremely warm and comfortable throughout the winter season. Cotton flannel fabric tends to wrinkle quite easily, but is super breathable in nature. They are perfect choices to wear for summer months, you know. The weave structure of flannel fabric let the wearer breathe in comfortably and feel cool during summer and insulate when it is freezing outside.

Glen check

This is a woolen fabric with attractive twill design of some small and large checks. This fabric usually features small and large plaids in quite same pattern that would make the outfit little bit interesting. If you would like to wear something that could make more of a fashion statement, turn towards Glen check suits that are made in a broadcloth construction.


Quite similar to traditional cotton, this is a soft yet durable fabric. This fabric is generally made of pure cotton or cotton blended with artificial fabrics like polyester and rayon. This fabric is used to create suits, pants, shirts and jackets. At times, they can be twill weaved wherein threads are woven closely together in diagonal lines with wider vertical ribs. This fabric is also called as corded velveteen because of its distinguishing look. Corduroy fabric is mainly used to make long length pants. Put shortly, this ridged and durable fabric can be paired with various fabrics to create many different clothing articles. Wherever you go with these corduroy suits, you will certainly be noted and distinguished from the rest.