A trench coat attracts a great deal of attention as you walk down the street. Alternate to the great heavy wool overcoat , the trench coat is an attire of the past with rich history dating back to 1850's. As a matter of fact the coat was developed as a choice to the heavy serge greatcoats and was used by the British and French soldiers during First World War. Almost for over a century, it remained as the fashion staple and was later modified with shoulder straps, D-rings, outsized pockets for maps and cleverly placed flaps and vents to add a style statement while still serving the practical use of it. They are a versatile and tricky piece of clothing which can be dressed up or dressed down according to the wearer's own taste and preference.

Black Trench coat for men

With time Black trench coats started to take centre stage and it is available in leather as well. In view of the fact that the combat strategies of World War II were different and less trench-focused than the First World War; later it started to lose its military significance and the German officials wore the black leather trench coats it was mainly worn to make an impression rather than for their practicality. But the popularity of the coat remained popular with the public thereafter.

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