There's nothing new about Mens double-breasted overcoats, but the fit and flattering beauty it sets free is denied by none. They are not only for the broad silhouette, but also for the ones that are lean and slender. For those wanting to protect their perfectly tailored suit from the elements during the colder months, the DB overcoat has long been a favourite piece of outerwear. Even though the versatility is often questioned in this type of outerwear, the style can be seamlessly integrated within formal and casual ensembles as well.

Mens double-breasted overcoats

About double-breasted styling

Initially, the double-breasted style was worn by European naval officers & royal princess. Having said that, it is classified under the category of conservative choice for men! Known for its authoritative and professional feel, it is a coat for the workplace because of the feel it sets free.

In order to avoid looking tousled, it is suggested that you wear this style always buttoned and it cannot be unbuttoned like a single-breasted styling. As a matter of fact, the DB styling can be pulled off by both slim and well-built. However, generously proportioned men should buy one size up for extra lengthening in the midsection, on the other hand, for slim gents this styling will broaden their shoulders.

The DB coat

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