Formal Buckle Mezlan Crocodile Belts

Be it formal or casual style there is a very little chance that you get the perfect fit unless you go with the custom made ones. Off the rack garments have become more and more fitting and even have turned inclusive of the big and tall men which was a rare thing before with even the well established brands. Trousers are one of the garments that you will have to get in the perfect fit so that the look of the outfit is outstanding. Belts are accessories that are used to perfect the fit of the trousers which are otherwise loose. There are a lot of styles in mens belts and in this article we discuss about the mezlan crocodile belt and some of best ways in which you can use the accessory.

Mezlan is a well known brand that has worldwide popularity when it comes to exotic skin accessories. The mezlan brand started out as a company that manufactures shoes but they have expanded their speciality to accessories like belts and such. When you go with the mezlan crocodile belts you will be ensured about the high quality and the innovative designs of the brand.

When it comes to mezlan crocodile belts they are worn both as a functional style but sometimes also for an aesthetic look without any absolute need for it. The mezlan crocodile belts or any belts on the whole is a small accessory and thus the details involved with it is mostly ignored by most men. But remember that the small details accumulate to produce the perfect look and thus make sure that you take some time to perfect the look. The mezlan crocodile belts though being small can create a lasting impression which can easily pull your outfit together or simply sabotage it.

For people who do not know about the belt or if it goes by another name in your region then belts are the cinching accessory that is usually worn around your waist and then clipped together so that the tension involved with this process will hold your pants up. Nowadays most of the belts used are for decorative purposes but the belts are usually worn with the formal garments since these workwear are more comfortably fitted unlike the casual styles which can be more perfectly fitting and also the latter would not need holding in place.

Mezlan crocodile belts or any belts in general have two parts which is the buckle and the strap. Some of the belts come with the metallic end tip which protects the belts ends from fraying and the sharpened tip makes it easier to enter the strap. Some also come with the keeper loop which helps the free end of the belt from flapping around when it is fully buckled. The strap on the other side of the belt is permanently put in place but when it is damaged you can change it with a new one.

There is no rule that states whether you will have to wear the belt with the certain garments but it is known that is best to wear the belts with every trousers that comes with the belt loops on it even the jeans. Leaving the belt loops without the belt can make the garment look sloppy. When you intend to wear formal garments that is tucked in then it is important that you complete the look with a mens mezlan crocodile belts or any type of formal belt. But when you go with formal garments or a little more casual ones in which you leave the shirt untucked then you can choose to leave out the belt option but when you think that the trousers need some support then you can use it for purely functional purposes.

If you are not sure about the mezlan crocodile belts or belts in general then you can go with the alternative option of the suspenders. The suspenders are a great style when you are a large man since they help your pants to stay up while at the same time making you look slimmer by reducing the bulky look of your waist. Also when you go with the mezlan crocodile belts or any belt it will break the look of your outfit into two which can help you if you are a very tall person. Instead if you are a short person then you can choose the suspenders which will give you a streamlined look without breaking the look of your outfit into two thus making you look taller than you originally are.

As mentioned in the start there are different styles in the belts and you can choose the one that would suit your style the most. When you want a rough distinction then the belts can be classified into formal mezlan crocodile belts and the casual mezlan crocodile belts. When it comes to the difference between the types of the formal mezlan crocodile belts there is not much difference but only much in the look.

The buckle mezlan crocodile belts it comes with the frame type buckle through which the strap of the belt goes through. The prong on these mens formal mezlan crocodile belts are entered through the holes that are put in the strap of the belt so that you can fasten it according to the size that is needed. The buckle on the these mezlan crocodile belts are made of metal and is shiny to catch the attention of the viewer. The strap on these belts are made from the calfskin leathers or the exotic leathers and the metal on these belts come in either silver or gold color. These buckles on the mezlan crocodile belts are sleek and most of these formal belts buckles come in small and flat types.

The dress mezlan crocodile belts should ideally be of one or one and half inches wide and the thinner belts are considered tk be more formal than the wider ones. The straps on the belts are made of leather since it is the only suitable material for making of the straps. When you need a simple style then go with the cowhide mezlan leather belts since it is the most common style that you can find in the market. The mezlan leather belts are soft and hard wearing making it most preferable by most people. When you need a high quality one then you can choose to go with the full grain leather belts.

But when you want to go with a special look that you can reserve for the special occasions then you can choose to go with the exotic skin mezlan belts. Mezlan crocodile belts and mezlan alligator belts are considered to be the most popular styles when it comes to exotic leather belts. The exotic leather belts are usually considered to be less formal than the cowhide leather belts since they offer you a bolder look. But when you find with the mezlan crocodile belts it offers you a more upscale and subtle look when compared with the ostrich belts or the lizard belts. If you are a person who is against using the leather belts which involves the animals then you can choose to go with the faux leather mezlan belts. These faux leather belts are usually made of polyurethane and when you go with the quality ones then they can deliver you a convincing look that is same as the leather ones. The faux leather belts are durable and can last for a long time with low maintenance but you will have to be careful of going with the cheap faux leather ones which will look cheap and fake.

Most of the mezlan crocodile belts or the belts on the whole come with patterns on it. For formal belts you can go with the leather ones that will be solid and smooth but when it comes to exotic leather belts the scales on the crocodiles create a pattern on its surface. Mezlan crocodile belts and the mezlan alligator belts give out a rich look that is considered to be a more luxurious style.

The color of the mezlan crocodile belts is another important thing that you will have to note while getting the accessory. For a traditional and formal look you can choose to go with the classic colored ones like the black mezlan crocodile belts or the dark brown mezlan crocodile belts. When you go with the classic mezlan crocodile belts you can use with almost any garments be it casual or formal. If you are getting your first mezlan crocodile belt then choose to go with the dark colored ones that will be more versatile than the light colored ones. When you want a smart casual style that is less formal than the black belts then you can go with the tan mezlan crocodile belts, oxblood mezlan crocodile belts or the Navy mezlan crocodile belts.These casual mezlan crocodile belts are bolder in design and is best to be styled with casual garments that you can wear in the summer and spring.

As for the casual mezlan crocodile belts there are different types that will help you make you showcase your personality and the individual style. The frame style mezlan crocodile belts are thicker and wider in design and thus making it a casual style. Other than this you can also go with the plate style mezlan crocodile belts which comes with a decorated plate instead of the buckle. The strap on the mezlan crocodile belts are fastened on the hook that is provided on the other side of the strap. The plate type mezlan crocodile belts give you a lengthened look which is a more casual style.

The box frame mezlan crocodile belts have boxes which are hollow and open ended instead of the buckles. When you go with the box frame mezlan crocodile belts you do not have to hole your belt strap since the post on the strap presses the belt strap against the inside of the box. Other than this you can also go with the ring type mezlan crocodile belts in which the buckles come in D ring or O ring shapes. Other than the shape they are the same as the formal buckle mezlan crocodile belts.

As for styling the mezlan crocodile belts you can choose the look according to the nature of the event for which you are styling the outfit. When you want to add a belt for styling with the suits or any other formal garments then you can choose to go with the mezlan crocodile dress belts since they suit the formal attire. When you go with the casual mezlan crocodile belts you can pair them with the casual outfits like the t-shirts with a pair of chinos or your favorite pair of jeans.

The size of the mezlan crocodile belts is another important thing that you will have to note about the belt. Usually the mens belts come with the minimum of 5 holes on it. The holes on the mezlan crocodile belts gives you room to adjust the belt according to you body type and then wear pants that come with various thicknesses whether you wear your shirt tucked in or untucked. When going with the mezlan crocodile belts make sure that you go with the mezlan crocodile belt size that will make you insert the buckle in on the middle hole of the belt.

The ideal type of the mezlan crocodile belts is to go with the size that will let about 15cm of the strap on the left side of the buckle when it is properly fastened. Thus when you select the mezlan crocodile belts you should measure the size of it by measuring it from the inner side of the buckle. The length of the strap at the point at which buckle and the buckle pin meet gives you the comfortable length of the mezlan crocodile belts.