Classic and timeless Wool coats are what you need when the weather takes a dramatic turn. After long months or years of storage, your overcoats may be embraced with an old-look and it can be crumpled too. In order to make your once pristine piece of outerwear always perfect, it is a must for you to care for them in a meticulous manner, for that we have pulled together some tips on how to maintain them.

Wool coats

? After every wear, treat your wool coats with a suede brush to remove surface soil and lint if any.

? It is always recommended that you consider hanging them on sturdy wood hangers, in order to avoid stretching of the fabric in the shoulder area.

? In view of the fact that, breathing is what helps the wool material stay crisp, avoid hanging them in a jam-packed closet.

? Light stains should be removed by blotting not by rubbing, as the latter will further spread out causing severe damage to the material. You can use cold water to remove the stains if any. Use only paper towels or absorbent cloth.

? Remove the contents from the pockets after every wear to avoid sagging. In addition, this will help in not losing the shape.

? Do not use scorching hot water on wool items.

? Consider giving your wool coats for dry cleaning at the beginning and at the end of the winter season for it to come a long way. This should be done because moths get attracted because of smoke, perfume, and food.

? If you wanted to hand wash, make use of mild detergent or baby shampoo.

Wool coats

? Avoid soaking in water for a long time.

? Gently squeeze the garment and lay it flat to dry.

? After hand washing, do not hang the garment to dry because this will ruin the shape of your coat.

A high-quality overcoat will hold up to regular use and as a matter of fact, that's what they are meant to do. Whether you wear only when the temperature drops or wear it often as a style statement, taking good care of your prestigious overcoat should be your main concern. If you have invested in a wool overcoat and want to wear them almost to death, then it depends on the way you care for them. If you are offhanded, then you can leave it to the professionals for the best results rather than attempting to clean it all by yourself. For the reason that, this will prevent your overcoat from damage or shrinkage!

That being said, if your coat is more than 80 percent wool, then it is suggested that you leave it to the professionals and you can check this on the label. Now that you are aware of how to care for, it's time to invest in a Classic Mens Overcoat if you are not having one.

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