Mens jackets – Style guide

Men’s jackets usually do come in two styles, single breasted and double breasted. The former style suit has a single row of buttons on one side with button holes on the other side. The design of double breasted suit is truly remarkable and it has two columns of buttons and the overlapping columns are used for closing the jacket and remaining buttons are kept just for ornamenting purposes. Both these suits are equally fashionable and functional and have their own benefits. But according to your individual occasion, body shape and size, you need to pick one, wear it and look exceptionally great. When worn in the right way, they send out a signal that you are well-dressed and detail-oriented gentleman, who likes to pay attention to details. Continue to read on the article to know more about what style of suit to wear for your occasion.

Single breasted 2 button jackets

This is the most common style preferred by most of the gentlemen. They are perfect choices for any office environment and for occasions that demand standard dress codes. They help build your professional attire and give you a formidable formal outlook. If you are called for an important business dealing or meeting, you can wear these suits and look highly convincing to the eyes of everyone gathered in the meeting. You can also wear them to your formal events and add more to your professional appeal. Though this is not completely perfect for casual occasions, at times they can be worn with matching outfits.

Mens Jackets

These jackets could give you better looks when teamed up with matching pants, neckties and bowties. They score more on versatility scale, so you can always rely on them for your formal as well as casual events. Should you prefer a traditional conservative look, then single breasted 2 button jackets are the recommended choices. When worn with right outfits in the right way, they help you standout from everyone else. Fashion trends often come and go, but these 2 button suits were in fashion, are in fashion and will be in fashion for many more years to come.

Single breasted 3 button jackets

If you are more than average in height, with no doubt, you can opt for single breasted 3 button suits. The buttons on these jackets will reach higher up on the chest and give you a straightforward image. They perfectly accommodate your muscular body frame and make you feel supremely comfortable to do anything easily. You will also look appealing and give visual treat to everyone around you. If you are a waistcoat enthusiast, you can always depend on 3 button single breasted jackets. If styled right, they would date you back to the feel of 60s and 70s and eventually give you a retro style look.

These suits do come in many influential designs, so you can wear them as your business outfits all the time. They are equally good in giving you both formal and informal images, you know. When matched with pleated pants, they will give you a striking image. Simply wear them with necktie and achieve a striking professional image. It is good for you to fasten the top two buttons and keep the last one unbuttoned to have a dashing professional look. They are not as timeless as two button suits and would give you a trendy image. If you think you don’t have abundance of confidence and attitude naturally, these 3 button suits would help accentuate everything better.

Double breasted 4 button jackets

These suits are back with a complete vengeance and many fashion aficionados are now moving towards them with love. When it comes to stylistic expressions and fashionable looks, double breasted 4 button suits bring their wearers to new and unachievable heights. They are truly formal clothing articles that look amazingly great when worn with a pair of attractive chinos. If you wear them with black/blue denim jean, you can achieve a striking casual image. You can also accentuate your look simply by wearing matching neckties and bowties. It is extremely important for you to fasten all the buttons all the time to achieve a fashionable image

If you find yourself little bit constricted and are taller, you can leave the last button undone and give your body some space to move around with no single discomfort. When everything is done right, these suits are sure to give you a traditional conservative look that can be unmatched anyway. Even members of British Royal family too prefer wearing these double breasted suits to add a bit of charm to their look. They are completely formal clothing choices that could add more to your profession image and make you appear strictly formal. They are great choices in elevating your business look too.

Double breasted 6 button jackets

There is surely no way to wear these suits casually and they are exceptional clothing choices to build your business attire. If you are looking for a suit to achieve an impressive and imposing look, you can rely on these 6 button double breasted jackets. When you wear these suits, you will be seen as a man of quality wherever place you go. If you want a clothing choice to exude good taste and refinement, then undoubtedly these suits are for you. They give you attractive look when teamed up with a pair of pleated pants. For a more stylish look, combine the suit with button up shirt and solid necktie.


It is a known fact that a man in tuxedo would look great and be highly noticed in any occasion. Tuxedos are quite versatile clothing articles that can be worn to both formal and informal settings. Be it a day event or night party or even after work party, you can adorn yourself with these clothing articles and look still great. They are completely formal clothing articles that could effectively accentuate your professional silhouette and give you a dashing image on all your formal gatherings. Wear them with attractive cummerbunds to add an aesthetic appeal to your look. If you would like to achieve the most stylish and classiest look with your tuxedos, try beautifying your look with a nice pair of matching cufflinks. These cufflinks are perfect fashion accessories that would complete your look and give you an added style.

Even though they are not perfect choices to wear for casual occasions, they can be worn to ball events, prom events, dance parties, luncheon meetings and even engagement functions that don’t demand any specific dress code. They are available in many different designs, patterns and styles to perfectively go with the individual fashion tastes of every single man. You know, there could be no classy or sophisticated formal outfit for a fashion aficionado than a classic tuxedo. They can also be personalized in an extensive range of ways to suit many different body shapes. When worn in the right way, they make you look majestic and mannish and eventually make many women turn their heads to your way.

Mandarin jackets

These jackets don’t have a proper collar but do come with round lapel. The collar is extremely short and erect and imparts a stunningly distinguished look to the wearer. The collar also stands up straight rather than lying completely flat on chest and shoulders. These jackets don’t need any sort of tie but the pocket square takes a lead role in accentuating your masculine silhouette and adding a bit of flair to your overall ensemble. They are perfect for casual occasions and can be worn to formal events at times. Like all other suits, they also do come in many different lengths to suit various body shapes and sizes. When worn with perfect matching pants, they tend to look exceptionally great and make your image appear highly majestic. When it comes to men’s suits, these mandarin jackets are considered as a hallmark of refinement. Even though many fashion trends come and go every so often, these mandarin jackets were in fashion, are in fashion and will continue to be in fashion forever. With these jackets, you can make a stunning style statement and tell the whole world about your individual sense of fashion.


This is a kind of jacket in which the front portion of the suit skirt is cut down to give an accentuated formal appeal to the wearer. The skirt part is seen only at the flip side and rest of the suit would look like a normal jacket. The trend of wearing these suits is nothing new today and fashion minded men have been wearing them since time immemorial. When you wear these suits, you are certain to give a visual treat to the people around you. These stylish clothing articles are little bit forgotten today and are seen only in certain concerts where the event conductors and hosts are wearing. Magicians also do wear these tailcoats on certain occasions and mark their individuality there. They give you a perfect image when teamed up with white vest underneath. You are also required to adorn yourself with a perfect matching top hat to complete your look. Any kind of tie would add to your professional appeal, but white bow ties are excellent choices that could make you look charmingly elegant and royal.