When you wanted to buy a wool herringbone coat or a wool cashmere car coat, how do you judge the quality of the wool? By its look or weight or make a quick dash into the fitting room and decide its ideal. Are you perplexed? Don't fret! This piece of writing will throw light on how to find out the quality of a wool material.

While there are several factors through which the quality of a wool material can be determined. Experts evaluate the same by the following factors:

wool herringbone coat

• Fiber

• Diameter

• Crimp

• Yield

• Color

• Staple strength

That being said, the fiber diameter of wool is the single most imperative wool attribute determining quality and price. Now let us have a look at all of the characteristics in detail.

Fiber and diameter - measured in microns they are also called fineness and this is the exact measurement of the thickness of the Wool fibre . Uniformity being the most decisive facet here, average fiber diameter is the second most important component that determines quality. In general, this is estimated visually, however, it is observed that several other methods also exist, in order to find this out.

Crimp - Used as an interpreter of fineness, this is nothing but the natural waviness or bend present in the wool and it shows a discrepancy with the diameter of the fiber. These fine wools, when compared to the coarser wools is said to have more crimp per unit of length.

Yield- Yield refers to the amount of wool left after scouring i.e. washing and high yield is indicated by the bulkiness of fleece. That being said, they are affected by certain genetic and environmental factors and is typically expressed as a percent of the original grease fleece weight.

Color: As a matter of fact, this is quite incongruous, because in a commodity market dark fiber wools are undesirable and vice versa in many niche markets. It is undesirable because colored fibers cannot accept dye and it is desirable because many hand spinners and weavers prefer natural colors.

Staple length- this determines the end use of the wool, whether they will be used for weaving or knitting. Having said that, longer-stapled wools are considered valuable.

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