Topcoat in a man's wardrobe is a classic piece of outerwear that is both professional and fashionable. Favored for fall and winter seasons of the year, there exists confusion among people about the difference between topcoats and overcoats. Originated during the 17th century, the topcoat is strictly is a formal wardrobe item with wide lapels, deep cuffs, above the knee length and it has ran through the mid-thigh in the earlier days and when observed keenly, it features a silk inner lining made of single wool layer. However, these days they come in a wide variety adding a layer visually, as well as depth creatively. That being said, some of the other options include a quilted lining with a zip and these days they are available in a variety of designs and are available in different materials, in different weights too.Mens topcoats

Protecting from the harsh external elements, topcoat was preferred by people when they wanted an extra layering. Another vital aspect about this coat is that, it is much lighter in weight which makes them an advantage during the fall season. Basically, it's worn for protection; however, it can be adapted to a more casual setting as well.

Perfect for office during a rainy day, the lined interiors and thick fabric, apart from protecting you from external elements, it protects your tailored suit and pressed dress shirts from coming in contact with dampness. Having said that, they are also apt for a casual outing, wondering how? The many shorter designs match up with good grace with a crew neck tee-shirt or camp shirt.

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