While there are a lot of options in the menswear when you need a usual garment that you can style to your office or any other formal event most men have the habit of styling the same garment for the casual events too. While the same old navy blazer might work for a extent when you style it for a fun party it is not an appropriate look. Also when there are a ample amount of party styles that would match the fun atmosphere why go for the ones that dampen it. In this article we discuss the sequin tuxedos and some of the best ways in which you can style the garment.

Most men tend to backtrack when they hear the word sequin used in parallel with menswear. This becomes still more apparent when the sequins are involved with a formal garment like a tuxedo. This may be because of the fact that consider it to be a flashy style which is mostly reserved for the womenswear. But when you take a look at the recent trending styles you would have noted that the men are breaking the mould and are more open in trying out the unconventional styles. Thus this may be the best time to give the sequin tuxedo a try.

The sequins is not a new style but have been in the history of fashion for a very long time. In the early times the sequins were made of valuable materials and were incorporated in the garments so that the wearer can showcase their status and wealth. Nowadays the sequins are made from cheap materials and mainly used for aesthetic purposes.

The sequins are a flashy style and thus it is important to know that you cannot wear them to all events. Therefore the nature of the event for which you are considering wearing the sequin tuxedo is important. The sequin tuxedos are most recommended for the casual events or the events where you don't mind being the center of attention. For example the red carpets are one of the best choices to flaunt your sequin tuxedo style.

When you go with the choice of sequin tuxedo there are some things that you will have to remember. The first thing is to select the right fabric for the garment to be made of. The sequins are going to be extra weight on the garment and thus it will be best if you choose to go with lightweight sequin tuxedos. For example it would be a good choice to go with cotton sequin tuxedos and linen sequin tuxedos. Both these styles are breathable and may be your best pick for a summer sequin tuxedo. But if you live in a place with harsh winters then it would be best to go with wool sequin tuxedos since the lightweight ones would not provide you with much protection against the cold. For example if your sequin tuxedo is a part of your Halloween costume then you can go with the thick ones since you will not have the option of wearing an overcoat over the sequin tuxedo.

The sequin tuxedo or any other sequin garment that you wear will inadvertently become the main piece of your outfit and thus it is important that you style it accordingly. It is always best to leave the sequin garment to be the major attraction and style it with subtle combining garments. This way you will have a balanced look but when you style the sequin tuxedo with equally attention grabbing garments then the outfit would end up being overwhelming which is not a welcome sight.

For example if you are styling the garment for a fun event then you can go with the full sequin tuxedo design. But when you need a more subtle choice then we would recommend you to go with the sequin tuxedo jacket and then pair it with a cotton dress shirt and usual tuxedo pants. This way the casual sequin tuxedo jacket will become the main piece which is complemented by the combining garments. It is best to avoid other flashy accessories which will also turn the attention thus confusing the viewer on where to look.

As for the color of the sequin tuxedo it should depend on the event for which you are styling the outfit. When you need a formal look then you can go with the conventional ones like the black sequin tuxedos or the Navy sequin tuxedos. For example for a formal look you can style the formal black sequin tuxedo jacket with a white tuxedo shirt, black silk bow tie and a pair of black tuxedo pants. You can complete the look with a pair of black patent leather tuxedo shoes. The shine of the patent shoes will match the flashy look of the sequin tuxedos.

When you need a still more casual look then you can choose to go with the brighter styles of the burgundy sequin blazers or charcoal grey sequin tuxedos. Other than this you can also go with the light colored ones like the pale pink sequin tuxedos and white sequin tuxedos. The color of the sequin tuxedos is an important factor to note since it is one of the first things that will the viewer will note in your outfit. Other than the usual styles you can also go with the stylish ones like the sequin plaid tuxedo jacket and the split sequin tuxedos.

The fit of the sequin tuxedo is also an important factor to note. Go with the fitting choice that will accentuate the body type of the wearer. Slim fit sequin tuxedos and skinny fit sequin tuxedos are the ones that are most recommended when you need a nicely fitting look and are the best for tall and lean men. But when you need a comfortable sequin tuxedo style then we would recommend you to go with roomier ones like the classic fit sequin tuxedos or the big and tall sequin tuxedos.