Have you ever had the chance to do shopping for raincoat and got a feeling that you are caught in a trap of nylon, plastic etc.? Well, the good news is that for those who prefer innovation in apparels, and most of all, those that are appropriate for the climate, can rely on the microfiber raincoat.

Double Breasted Overcoat ~ Taupe ~ Topcoat Tan ~ Camel ~ Light Brownish Mix

Today's raincoats are produced in many materials, colors and styles. Yes, rubber and plastic raincoats are still used, but Microfiber and other high-tech materials are superseding most of the raincoat fabric market.

Now let's get into the history of the micro fiber raincoat. This fabric was originally utilized for furniture and upholstery covers but now has become a great fabric in the form of men's raincoat.

microfiber raincoat

Durability?.that's the key for any apparel, including raincoat

Durability is one factor that can be counted on men's microfiber raincoats. Several clothing is formed with materials that won't sustain long enough to be worth their price. And this is one element that makes microfiber shine in the crowd.


When it comes to stain resistance, there's not more anyone could desire for in a raincoat.


Owing to the firmness of the weave, microfiber fights winds and is also water repellant. Thus it becomes very useful in the form of a men's raincoat.


As far as maintenance is concerned, most microfiber garments including men's raincoats are fit for machine washing. There is also a superb quality in microfiber; it is wrinkle-resistant, thus not requiring the need of ironing.

Long microfiber raincoat

Looks relatively new even after wearing many times

Your microfiber raincoat keeps appearing new even after several wash and tears. And this is particularly good news since not all fabrics of materials give the fresh look for a long period.

Bottom Line

Nowadays, raincoats are formed with advanced technologies that lead them in being waterproof, stylish and what not! When the consumer is not satisfied with just umbrellas, he/she should go for quality raincoats that safeguard them from the elements.

The fabric of raincoat is seeing a new surge, and the men's microfiber raincoat should be designed to support the typical characteristics including water repellency, stain opposition and wrinkle free nature. In the coming times, the raincoats may also be designed in such a way that they fit the user's body accordingly. But now, we can be quite satisfied with the advent of microfiber raincoats also that are specially designed to repel water.

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