Pea coat, also known as the pilot jacket or pea jacket is an outerwear characterized by suit like short length, wide lapels, vertical or slash pockets and double-breasted fronts. The distinguishing feature exists in the buttoning area; all the way through history, pea coats have had a varying number of buttons and styles. It often comes with a large wooden, metal or plastic buttons. Talking about the number of buttons during I World War they had 10 buttons, later it came down to 8 and now mostly to 6. However, the modern renditions still preserve the unique design and composition to have a touch of originality. With an ambiguous origin, some sources say that pea coats are deeply rooted to military and navy backgrounds.

Black pea coats

Black pea coats are ultimate in style; however, you need to look for a more dimensional approach to bring out the best look and for that, you can style a dark coat with classic colors. That being said, it is a worthy option for corporate wear and when paired with grey, they are said to look amazing. Patterned ones like Brown herringbone pea coat are timeless and always very fashionable, Wool-blend double-breasted plaid peacoat is also eye-catching. Adding to the tone, a rich deep brown goes with almost everything and trick to pull off the right look is to concentrate on the tailoring.

Long pea coat: Although not all of us would make a stunning impression in a long pea coat on a daily basis, you definitely got to consider it, for there is most certainly a time and a place. Purchasing a longer pea coat means there are several ways to add charm and keep warm. For a relaxed yet more put-together look, you can consider wearing scarves around your neck or a slung over your shoulders.

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