An Overcoat is no longer a piece of clothing, which is used only when the temperature is dropping, a patterned overcoat is an evidence for that. With winter's low temperature and chilliness taking its turn, the idea of wearing overcoat is getting a lot more practical and attractive. But, as an alternative of throwing on a bland black or brown double-breasted overcoat for men this winter, take this occasion to slip into patterned clothing that in point of fact says something about your personal style. Change your look this season, for a lot of designers have upgraded the overcoat with bold patterns like herringbone, tweed and much more that can instantly help your look stand out instead of blend in. The latest way to cover up in style this winter season is to go for a coat that comes with a twist of a pattern. Listed below are some of the different types of pattern that will uplift your look instantly.

carcoats to peacoats

Even though stripes were the common choice of men for decades, checked patterns have turn out to be a must-have, not only for fall and winter conventional fabrics but for year-long outfits. Amid a lot of patterns, you can be sure of finding the one that will suit you the best. Checked patterns are traditional, however, it is definitely flamboyant too.

Windowpane patterns are the most favorite for many because it is very flamboyant and ideal for your sprezzatura looks.

Herringbone overcoats for men

Herringbone overcoats for men, characterized by diminutive arrow shaped pattern, this is very popular and the name comes from the distinguishing zigzag pattern that bears a resemblance to herringbone. Considered appropriate for almost all occasions, this pattern in suits and jackets are also favorites for many men and as a matter of fact, they are selling like hotcakes.

Having said all that, patterns should be fun not fatal, so make sure that you select your patterned overcoat carefully in order to look your best.

To wrap up against the cold shouldn't mean concealing your style. Show off your style boldly in any of the patterned overcoats that are available here at overcoatusa and exude a lively look while still staying warm. From carcoats to peacoats, cashmere coats to trench coats, overcoatsusa has a wide range of classic overcoats for men to warm up your winter season in style. So whether you are looking for a casual look or something that will bring out your inner chic, we've got all the essentials to keep you covered up in style through another cold spell.