The Stafford signature storm topcoat is what a Bello prefers for battling the cold weather and they are one among the most stylish Mens topcoat which is a surefire way to sartorial extravaganza. Any gent can pull off a stylish look effortlessly wearing this topcoat, some of the defining attributes includes: the graceful and relaxed elegance, soft structured tailoring, and perfect fluid silhouettes. It is these factors that make them a must-have in any gentleman's wardrobe.

About Stafford clothing

The Stafford is one of the largest manufacturers of tailored clothing or men. With a strong commitment to produce top quality products, their philosophy is to do extremely well, to incessantly improve on high standards, to become without equal, and without exception, the very best at whatever they do.

How to protect the Stafford signature storm topcoat?

Investing in a Stafford signature storm topcoat is important because of the stylishness it gives you and so is preserving them. Let us have a look at how to maintain them for years to come.

? After every wear brush the coat with a lint brush to discard off any organic matters like soil, lint, and so on.

? Do not fold your coat but hang them up on a sturdy, broad, wooden hanger that will support its shoulders. By this means, you give the chance to relax out any wrinkles present in the coat, and also it doesn't get crumpled too.

? Whenever your coat is exposed to any dirt, remove the stains and spills as soon as they happen. Do not rub them, but blot and spot clean the stain with cool water.

? Dry cleaning is good, but it is advised you do that only once a year, may be at the end of the wearing season. Too much of dry cleaning will wore out the coat.

? Handle indelible stains with mild soap water and do not rub harshly.

? Proper storage is highly important, for your Stafford signature storm topcoat for long-term use, so make sure that you store inside a breathable garment bag. It will help protect the wool from moths and other insects.

Because a man's overcoat is an investment, it is important that you take care of it by following the aforesaid steps and ensure it has the longest life possible. So, if you are looking to purchase the Stafford signature storm topcoat, look no further than OvercoatUSA, we house a wide range of overcoats for men, all crafted to perfection and style.