Did you know that your wardrobe is incomplete without some practical pieces of clothing? Yes, the Overcoats. These fundamental staples are the only acceptable outerwear with a suit, which is also called as topcoat and greatcoat. However, these terms are used interchangeably, and the differences all pertain to the weight of the coat, style, and heritage. That being said, these dressier jackets can uplift your style instantly and it is a must in any well turned-out man's wardrobe. Existing from the time of the Regency period in Britain, these stylish coats are available in a range of style, fit, colors and fabrics in the present day; nevertheless, the most important characteristic is its plain cut.

classic overcoats for men

Fabricated from heavy fabric materials like cashmere wool, merino, etc, an overcoat features long or 3 quarter sleeves, single or double-breasted, below the knee extension with a vent at the back. These days, they are no longer constrained to the aforesaid details and are available in a wide range of looks that you desire. Now let us have a look at the different ways of styling them.

Dressy, professional, and warm, an overcoat works for every man and they are not only appropriate with a suit, but it goes well with other set of outfits as well. Whether you are throwing a turtleneck or a t-shirt and trouser, they make you look well-put-together for social events/parties or a dinner date. If truth be told, it works in a way that you couldn't imagine and for more occasions than you may realize.

denim jacket

    • Casual –casual looks are easier to pull off in overcoats, all that you have to do is pair it with jeans, casual boots or sneakers or loafers. Rolled up sleeves, creases, wide open, belted styling makes your overall look attractively casual. Having said that, you can go for scarf's which will help you play up for that off-duty look. On the other hand, for a heavily layered look you need to consider chucking your hooded jumper with a denim jacket.


    • Smart:The overcoat lends itself a stronger and boxier silhouette when you try to pair it with contrast colors, thereby giving you a clean cut look to match a perfectly tailored suit.


    • Evening looks: Well, this goes without saying; ideal for an evening look, you can pair it up your casual T-shirts; however, the most important thing to ponder on is the right fit and material quality. This will help you achieve a minimalistic styling; on the other hand, you can opt for leather jackets that will help you exude a rugged look when paired with rustic boots and jeans.


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