Best Winter Coat Fabrics

Wool fabric

  • Wool is a natural fiber that has been used for hundreds and thousands of years for creating an extensive range of clothing articles. They are actually an incredible versatile fabric with a striking amount of uses. Because of their sturdy nature and heavy nature, they are considered as best winter clothing choices for many fashion minded men.
  • Owing to the durable crimp of the wool, wool suits tend to hold their form for prolonged time while providing better cushioning. Wool suits are extremely comfortable and practical for daily needs, you know. This fabric is also renowned for its ability to perfectly regulate the body temperature of the wearer.
  • During winter, its insulating properties trap dry air and warmth near the skin. Its ability to shed water would also result in a fabric that would keep your body exceptionally warm, even if it is raining.
  • During summer, this fiber pulls excess heat and moisture from your skin, while making you stay cooler and fresher all the time. Wool is a durable fabric and its natural elasticity means that the fibers are less likely to break and tear.
  • The ability of the fiber to spring back into its shape again would mean that woolen clothing articles tend to retain their shape better than clothing choices made from other man-made as well as natural fibers.
  • These days, this fiber is used in many different colors and is perfectly utilized to create a range of excellently designed wool clothing articles for winter. Wool fiber has a thin waxy coating that contains fatty acids that would inhibit the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew.
  • The coating also repels water that could cause bacteria to grow and form again. They don’t need regular washing but when maintained properly they will look neat and smell fresh even after repeated uses. They are best choices to design cozy and comfortable clothing articles that would eventually make you appear classy and elegant as well.
  • They are warm, durable, sophisticated and could make you appear amazingly good. If you would like to stay comfortably warm while still be extremely stylish, then wool clothing articles are the appropriate choices to wear.


  • Cashmere is an extremely lightweight, soft and delicate fabric that would offer you a snug fit and warmer protection to stay away from harsh winter elements during the colder days of the year. You know, they are considered as the king of the many different fabrics available and are sure to give you the most sophisticated look that no other fiber could give.
  • They are recognized as one of the most prized and lush fabrics to give you the desired warmth, comfort and style, when worn. This attractive fabric is obtained from the delicate undercoat of the Kashmir goat and it has fantastic heat retaining properties combined with augmented versatility.
  • You know, the cashmere fabric is verily known for its lightweight insulation property and warmth.You can wear cashmere clothing articles in one of several ways on your stunningly attractive torso.
  • No matter how you wear them, they would quickly transform the look of even the plainest of outfits into something attention grabbing and magnificent. If you would like to retain body heat, you need to wear a fitted cashmere suit and cover your torso right. They would keep your pleasantly warm and fashionable without adding that extra bulk to your look.
  • Cashmere suits are available in excellent patterns and exclusive designs and they provide you a perfect style of charm, luxury and most importantly comfort. Most of these suits are totally knit and they do come with exquisite details and adornments.
  • Not only are they classy choices, but also durable enough to last for your lifetime. With the right care and proper maintenance, you can use them for many years to come and achieve the afresh and clean look still.

Camel hair

  • Camel hair fabric is made using the hairs gotten from the Bactrian camel that are quite thick and hard in nature. These hard hairs could make camels look little fuzzier in the colder period.
  • The hard texture of the hair makes it extremely desirable for making attractive fabric, though at times it may be teamed up with other fabrics like sheep’s wool to create quite heavy and thicker fabrics.
  • There are three grades of camel hair fabric available, namely high, medium and low. The fine quality and the color of the hair determine the grade of the fabric. If the fiber is completely made from the undercoat, then it would be categorized as high grade fabric. They are characterized by their very fine and soft texture, you know.
  • They are usually tan in color and act as an excellent insulator.The hair’s thermostatic properties would work exceptionally well to keep camels snugly warm during frigid times and snowy winters in the mountains, while also helping them stay fresh and cool in the drenching hot desert.
  • This fabric is extremely versatile in nature and provides people with an extensive range of uses. They are also a valuable fabric that are perfect substitutes for wool and other elegant warm fabrics. Clothing articles made from this camel hair fabric are considered extremely trendy and fashionable that you can use to compliment both formal and casual outfits.
  • They have now become a highly demanded fashion clothing choice because they don’t need many washes and is easy to maintain. Besides being exceptionally great for colder days of the year, they are also a perfect match for all the stylishly elegant men. This fabric exactly has what it takes to create a classic, chic and polished look on you.


  • As we all know, cotton is a quite lightweight fabric that would offer good comfort and safer protection from the harsh hot rays of sun during summer. This is a renowned fact, but what we actually don’t know about this fabric is they do come in denser as well as heavier form to create a more durable and sturdy clothing choice for winter too.
  • All of them are completely breathable and could give you a stunning relaxed look, when worn. Since cotton is not a synthetic fiber, you will never get overheated or over chill anyway. They actually play a dual role, you know. They absorb moisture completely from your body and make you feel cool all the time, during summer.
  • They will also give you a snug fit and help you stay warm all through the winter time.The fibers of cotton would trap air between you and the cotton and eventually keep you warm and toasty. They keep you comfortable and make you look stylish, no matter the season.
  • They do have better hypoallergenic properties associated with them that would effectively defend you from skin allergies. With cotton suits, you will never find any irritations or allergies for your lifetime.
  • This attractive fabric allows for good circulation of air letting for stunning moisture absorption, drawing heat away from the body and letting your body remain cool and dry for prolonged time, making it the best choice of fabric to wear all year around, regardless of the season.


  • Unlike cotton and wool, polyester is a man made artificial fabric that is constantly changing and improving in terms of style and fashion. Even though they are not natural, they offer certain advantages over natural fibers too.
  • Basically it is a kind of plastic that would help you create strong, durable, flexible and shrink resistant clothing articles to wear. Since they are wrinkle resistant, they don’t need any additional maintenance or special care or constant ironing, you know.
  • They are extremely easy to keep up and many fashion aficionados today are gradually moving to them in no time.They were introduced to the fashion world in early 1900s itself, and now they have taken over the entire clothing industry.
  • They are low cost fabrics that could be mass produced in quite a short period of time. The resilient properties of this striking fabric make them highly demanded all the time amongst modern men.
  • The suits made of polyester hold their shape well and don’t easily get stretched out, so they are preferred by many fashion aficionados for their casual events and parties. Irrespective of their strength, they are completely supple and work exceptionally well for many styles of clothing.
  • Their good elastic nature would allow for freedom of movement, while you are wearing polyester suits. They are often mixed and matched with other fabrics like elastane and spandex to offer good stretchiness to their clothes that are being made.
  • Whether you wear suits made of wool or cotton or camel hair or polyester or cashmere, all of them are versatile choices that would certainly add more to your figure and glam up your beauty quotient.