WWI brought a lot of societal changes of which men's fashion took a turn for the better.

Once uniform now a symbol of individuality – Yes! I'm referring to the trench coats. Despite being more than a century old, this iconic garment is definitely an extension of personality. The best part is that, surprisingly it remains the same- unsaid but an apparent message to the rest of the world.

Fashion, having taken a deep plunge, these days you can find trench of various types, of which denim trench coat has reached fever pitch. However, black denim trench coat is at the top of (denim) shopping list for hipsters. Adding a casual and relaxed vibe to your chic wardrobe pieces, from the classic trench coat to dark rich hues, 3 quarter sleeves the range and style is incredible and Denim coat with fur collar is also making its way into a hipster's wardrobe. Helping you to stay all warm and fuzzy inside, you'll still be able to wander in style with the fur collar types.

In general, the best part of the jean trend is the fact of customization and when you wanted to stand out, irrespective of how you decide to pull your denim this season, be sure to create your own look.

Some interesting facts of trench coat The landscape that British Military Outfitters worked on was mostly a repulsive opening in the ground, open to all disgusting elements; it was a narrow, deep ditch, that's muddy, filthy, infested with rats, overflowed latrines, and something worse than that. In simple, soldiers had spent a lot of days that were periods of extreme boredom without even sleep to take the edge off it, interrupted by moments of intense and uptight action that required the ability to move quickly. The trench coat was designed with an intention to deal with the aforesaid conditions and was becoming more and more functional. With a very modern approach to military warfare, the outfit later became a style statement for civilians.

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