Slim Build Extra Long Sleeves Overcoat

Winter season brings with it the need to purchase garments that will help us keep warn even through the freezing temperatures. While there are a lot of garments like the scarves, vests and more the overcoatscontinue to dominate the winter wear sales. This can also be attributed to the various designs of the overcoats available in the market and the cool look that the overcoat offers for the wearer. But when purchasing the overcoat there are a few things that you will have to note with one of them being the fit of the overcoat. Going with the right fit of the garment ensures the impeccable look when it is being worn with the outfit. In this article we discuss on how an overcoat should fit and the details that you will have to note while purchasing for it.

As we mentioned before there are a lot of styles in overcoats but the fit of every overcoat matters a lot. The thing with discussing how an overcoat should fit is that it is not the same as the fit of the jacket since there is often one or two layers of clothes that are being worn underneath the overcoat. Thus you should consider this to be the main thing when you select the fit of the overcoat.

When you are deciding on the fit of the overcoat and if you are getting it manually by visiting a store you should make sure that you go dressed with a well fitting suit jacket or a blazer in which you are comfortable. This way you can easily try on the overcoat and find whether it fits and whether you are comfortable wearing it. When you try on the overcoat with only a shirt on then you can end up with an overcoat that will be a little small and when you wear it with a blazer or a suit jacket it might end up looking horrible. Thus the first step with finding how an overcoat should fit is to try it on with proper garments underneath and check whether it fits.

The fit of the overcoat can also differ with the type of the overcoat you are choosing to go with. For this you will have to consider the style of the garments that you are going to wear with the overcoat. For example when it comes to classic overcoat it is a versatile style that you can style with both formal and casual styles. In this case you should consider the undergarments like the dress shirt and the suit jacket when you think about how should the overcoat fit. But when it comes to a little more casual style like the peacoats they are mostly used with the casual garments like t-shirts and jeans or the casual long sleeve shirts and chinos. In this case you can go with the slim fit designs of the peacoats when you consider the

When it comes to the fit of the overcoat you can always get it tailored specifically for your own size so as to avoid the confusion. But the custom made overcoats can cost you a lot of time and money which is not affordable by all. In this case you can go with the designer overcoats but it is still a lot of money to spend on a single garment. Off the rack overcoats are nowadays becoming more and more accurate in the fit and also becoming more inclusive. Thus you can easily get the one that will suit your taste and also will fit you right.

As opposed to the offline shopping nowadays you also have the option of online shopping. This saves you a lot of time and also gives you more exposure on the different styles that are available in the market. As for the aspect of how should an overcoat fit you will have to skip the option of trying out the garment before you buy it in the online shopping option. As an alternative you will have to measure your style and then compare it with the size chart that are available in the online sites. Measuring the proper size of the overcoat can be done by yourself with the help of the measuring tape or you can also get the help of the nearby tailor. Whichever the option you are going with make sure that you get the right measurements that will help you select the proper fit of the overcoat.

The major measurements that you will require to compare with the size chart provided in the online site is the chest size, shoulder size and the length of the overcoat. After getting the sizes with the help of a tape or a coat which fits you in the perfect way compare with the size chart and then make the right pick of the overcoat.

Now when you are selecting the right fit of the overcoat first you will have to know how an overcoat is supposed to fit to get the right look. The details concerned with how an overcoat should fit are being explained below and this will give you an idea while you are selecting for the right type of fit.

The shoulders of the overcoat is the most important detail that you should note first when deciding on the fit. The seams of the shoulder of the overcoat should perfectly end where your shoulders end for a desirable look. If your overcoat is too tight then you will see wrinkles on the space between the collar and shoulder seam and also near the waist portion when the overcoat is being buttoned. If these wrinkles are present then you should go with a bigger size of the overcoat. When the overcoat is too big then you will see the shoulder seams of the garment dropping off your shoulders and know that you will have to go with a little more tighter fit. The shoulders of the overcoat helps a great deal in finding how tight should an overcoat fit and thus should be noted carefully. Also if the shoulders of the overcoat are too tight or too loose it is hard for the tailor to fix and thus should be carefully noted while buying the garment. When the shoulder seam of the overcoat sure perfectly in the shoulder of the wearer it will give correct proportions across the back portion which in turn gives the wearer a strong shoulder shape.

The next thing that you will have to note while deciding on how an overcoat need to fit is the sleeves on the overcoat. To properly select the right length of the sleeves you should stand straight and then bend your wrists in such a way that the palms are facing the ground. Now if your overcoat sleeve covers every garment that you are wearing underneath it without the sleeves showing then it is the right length of the sleeves for the overcoats. For an easy understanding you can fix the length of the sleeves of your overcoat to be an inch longer than the sleeves of your suit jacket or hour blazer. Most of the time the tall men who have a lean body have a difficulty in finding the right length of the sleeves for the overcoat. If you are one among them then you can go with the extra long overcoats which maintain the slim build of the overcoat but only with the provision of extra long sleeves. The how should an overcoat fit wrist basically depends on the right length of the sleeves on the overcoat that you purchase.

As for the body of the overcoat again you should consider the garments over which you are going to wear the overcoat. For this when the overcoat is fully buttoned over the underlying garments there should not be much space in between. It is best when the buttoned overcoat lies close to the body and the underlying garments of the wearer for the fit to be right. But this does not mean that the overcoat should be tight fitting. When the overcoat feels taut or restricting on the chest or the waist region when fully buttoned then you should always go with a bigger size of the overcoat.

When you are wearing the overcoat over a suit or a blazer then the overcoat will be close to the body without pulling too much and this is the right example to how an overcoat should fit for chest. But when you need wear it with a dress shirt or a T-shirt then the overcoat will feel a little loose but without affecting the look of it too much. As for how should an overcoat fit waist you should make sure that when the overcoat is fully buttoned the fabric should not pull too much near the buttons. This means that the overcoat is too tight and you will have to go with a bigger size of the overcoat.

The lapels on the overcoat does not matter much when it comes to the fit of the overcoat but can influence the look of the overcoat. For example when you need a formal look that you can wear with the suits and tuxedos then you can go with the peak lapel overcoats. But when you want a casual style then you can go with the notch lapel overcoats. The shawl lapel overcoats are also becoming increasingly popular in the recent times. The width of the lapels on the overcoat are mostly wider so that they can be turned up to protect the face and neck of the wearer from the cold winds.

As for the length of the overcoat there are different styles available like the full length ones and the ¾ length overcoats. You should choose the style that would fit your need and also look flattering on your body type. The best length of the full length overcoats is to end for it just above the knee portion. This is the perfect length which would suit almost all body types of men. But if you are a very short person then the full length overcoats will make you look drowned in the material and if this is the case then we would recommend you to go with the ¾ length overcoat or the mid thigh overcoats. These ¾ overcoats end 2 or 3 inches above the knee portion. The mid thigh length overcoats also give out a good look and can be worn by both tall and short persons.

As this the case with how should a classic overcoat fit it might be a slightly different case with the thick winter coats. While the classic overcoats are relatively lighter in weight the winter coats come with thick wool layering and a bulky design. Some even come with extra provisions like the waterproofing and the insulation. When it comes to these winter coats you might want to wear it all the time with a lot of layers since people prefer these coats when they live in extreme cold temperatures. Thus make sure you go with a slightly looser fit of the coat which will allow enough space for the layers to be worn underneath. While donning on the winter coat try to move or give yourself a hug. If the coat is restricting your movements then you should definitely go with the next size of the winter coat. This can be the same case while figuring out how should a wool overcoat fit.

As mentioned before off the rack overcoats are becoming more popular and you can save a lot of time going with it. Slim fit overcoats are best for the casual choices while the classic fit overcoats are mostly recommended for formal use. You can check out the big and tall overcoats when you find these fits to be inconvenient.