Suit buttoning rules

When it comes to your suit jacket, there are certain suit buttoning rules need to be followed to elevate your look and enhance your masculine appeal. If you are looking for ways to achieve a stunningly stylish image wherever place you go, continue to read on the article.

One button suit jackets

There is no big rule for this kind of jacket, as it has only one button and it needs to be closed when standing and opened while sitting. They are traditional designs and often cut longer than other suits, so you must button the suit while walking or standing or doing any other works that don’t allow you to bend down. This kind of buttoning style would also give you a streamlined look that can be unmatched anyway. If you need to sit down on any location, simply unbutton the suit, so that it doesn’t crease easily. As said already, since the suit has only one button, this is a no-brainer. It has only one rule to follow. Buttoning the suit while sitting could make you feel little bit uncomfortable. So, loosen the button once you have a perfect seat and fasten it when you get up.

Two button suit jackets

This kind of suit has a traditional buttoning rule that should be followed to maintain a striking professional image. The rule is very simple, fasten the top button and keep the bottom one undone. Remember, the top button of this suit should always be closed while standing. It is again the same, unbutton the lower one while sitting in order to avoid wrinkles and creases. Buttoning your suit in this way would give you a stylish as well as dazzling appearance. It is extremely important for you not to button the bottom one because it would add a few additional pounds to your midsection by the billowing illusion that your suit jacket creates. You will also have a little boring look, so avoid buttoning the lower one. And most importantly, that is how today’s latest men’s suits are cut and designed. If you tightly close both the buttons, your suit would likely to fit more firmly around your midsection and give you a somewhat clownish look. It is always good for you to make your mannish silhouette be in place. You also do have few exceptions to the rule. If you prefer wearing a high stance jacket, you can button the bottom one. If you are so tall and have muscular body frame, you can fasten the lower button, but here you should probably prefer 3 button suits.

Three button suit jacketsThree button suit jackets

There is a specific word that can be matched for three buttons, you know. First button can be matched with the word ‘sometimes’. Second one is to be teamed up with the word ‘always’. Last one with the word ‘never’. When you are doing anything in the stand up posture or completely standing, you can button the top one, the middle one always and leave the bottom one undone. You can either close the top one or leave it undone when standing. An important rule here is to close the middle button always while standing. Never ever close the bottom one and undo all the buttons if you are supposed to sit. Closing the bottom one would restrict your movement, so it should always be neglected. You may wonder why these rules are framed and what they have to do with a person’s look. The fit and drape of a suit jacket is really based on the number of buttons it has and on the buttoning style. Once the rules are followed right, you will have fine clean look. You may ask what should I do if I am attending a wedding event or dancing with girlfriend or dancing at a prom event. Interestingly, the answer varies depending on your situation and most importantly the occasion. If you prefer slow dancing, you need to close all the buttons as it will give you a trendy sophisticated look. If you are going to dance for a fast-paced music, you can undo all the buttons and dance freely. Like most rules, there are some exceptions with the buttoning rule. If you do have an important office meeting during a chilly day, you can button up all the buttons on your jackets and look still great. There is actually nothing in this, because the climate demands you to cover your whole body. You know, a fully buttoned suit jacket would look better than the one that is wildly flapping in the heavy wind. If you are wearing a double breasted suit jacket, you have only one rule to follow, close all the buttons. If you find anything restricting in this buttoning style, simply undo the bottom outside one and make way for happy as well as easy movements. Aforementioned buttoning rules could never fail at any cause, you know. When you follow these rules while dressing up, you will feel confident and eventually look fashionable.