Trench coats are a staple of men's winter coats, the style of this tricky piece of clothing can never be caught without and the versatility factor makes it a perfect choice for any situation. In general, they are made from materials like heavy-duty cotton, poplin, leather or gabardine drill, in its basic form, however, as you will probably by now know, a lightweight trench coat can be so much more than this. That being said, the best part about a coat is that it can be dressed up or dressed down according to your style preference, thereby making them a stylish and versatile choice of clothing.


Dating back to 1850s, these coats were developed as a choice to the heavy serge greatcoats. However, it was worn by the British and French soldiers during First World War and obtained a private purchase, where other ranks were not allowed to wear them.

Double-breasted trench coat

Even though they were not considered as the fashion staple they are today during those times, these practical and lightweight coats remained as the protective outer layer for army people over a century. Double-breasted trench coat with ten button front was hugely popular those days. Later it was modified with shoulder straps, D-rings, outsized pockets for maps and cleverly placed flaps and vents to add a style statement while still serving the practical use of it.

How to accessorize?

When it comes to accessorizing an overcoat, most of us get bewildered, but don't fret! With some style inspiration, you can be sure of turning any outfit featuring an overcoat into something chic, trendy and absolutely interesting. For more than 100 years, trench coats have remained constant in menswear and accessorizing this understated classic article of clothing is very easy and effortless.

When complemented with the right accessories, long trench coats for men can exude a scaled up vigor. You can go for scarves that will give the oomph, but be sure to accord the shade of the scarf with that of the coat. Tonal gloves and hat can also be worn; however, it's the classic watch that will finish off the look.


classic trench raincoat

    • Casual looks: Whether you want to roll up your coat sleeves or have the creases, or want to leave it open, or wanted to tie the belt, it works amazingly for casual looks in a way which you can't deem. In order to achieve this casual look, you should be pairing your trench coat with jeans, casual boots or sneakers or loafers. That being said, you can also opt for scarf's that will play up for that off-duty look.


    • Workplace looks: You might be wondering how to wear them to the workplace, but spring office looks are incomplete without trench coats. Pulling off your entire look, make sure it is belted to exude a chic and authoritarian gaze.


    • Evening looks: A perfectly tailored one can be ideal for an evening look; however, when you buy a trench coat online, the most important thing to ponder on is the right fit and material quality. Furthermore, go for minimalistic styling and achieve a rugged look, then you are perfectly ready.


    • Brunch looks: Weekend brunch times are an excellent opportunity to experiment with modish looks you otherwise might not think about. A classic trench raincoat helps you to style in various ways with more far-out looks and does not take away your originality. To spice up the look, together with this, you can consider those fun statement sunglasses, black and beige color combinations, and the long denim trench coat and so on.


Final words

Do not restrict yourself to only wearing the traditional and classic double breasted rain trench coat that comes in beige color. As a matter of fact, they are no longer available only in one style and color, but come in a variety of cuts, lengths, colors, and fits. Widen your horizons by trying out different varieties like Men's Herringbone trench coat, black denim trench coat and also try out the ones that come with fur collar and more and make a distinguished style statement.