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Types of Pockets

Suit pockets are generally made in many different designs and styles and have evolved over many decades to be an indispensable part of designer clothing as well as utility clothing. There are numerous instances when a pocket comes in handy in your outfits and for this reason at least you should consider adding different pocket styles onto your suit. Believe me, pockets are excellent adornments to your clothing articles that add more to your look ultimately. They are decorative as well as functional choices that you should never deny to add into your suit. I, the writer, am listing here some of the pockets that I know of and that I think can add value to your outfits.

Patch pockets

This is the basic pocket commonly seen in all sorts of outfits. They are usually stitched on the top of the suit and come in either same or contrasting color. Literally, it is what its name says, a patch of fabric sewn together to make an attractive pocket. You can keep the pocket either functional or decorative as per your fashion preferences. Whatever is your choice, they are sure to give an appealing look to your suit and make you look stunning eventually. These patch pockets can be of different shapes like, round, rectangular, square, triangular or even something different. Other than normal patch pockets there are also pleated patch pockets available that could add a design element to your outfit. This design comes with a pleat in the center of the pocket. It can be either box pleat or inverted pleat. The pleat is generally made to give you more space inside and expand when needed. They are also called as safari pocket or bellows pocket. Put succinctly, they are a modified version of normal patch pockets.

Flap pockets

As the name suggests, this kind of pocket is made with a functional flap the covers the opening surface of the pocket.Flaps, generally, can be made with a patch pocket beneath or a hidden pocket. The flap is usually rectangular but can have curved or pointed bottom, at times. These pockets are usually seen in suit jackets and come in both buttoned and button-less styles. In buttoned style, the flap is made with buttonhole and the pocket is stitched with button. Single flap pockets are more commonly seen but there are certain suit styles that come with double flap pockets. If your suit is casual in style, it can be done with double flap pockets to add a casual elegance to your outfit. Remember to go for same sized pockets on both sides of the chest. For a thicker look, flaps are often interfaced.

Set in pockets or slit pockets

This kind of arrangement shows others that there is no pocket on the outside. The slit pocket is usually placed vertically on the outfit and it is the most commonly preferred style. For a dapper style look, horizontal pockets are made in suits. The pocket opening is neatened by the fabric that hangs on the inner portion of the outfit. These are the standard pockets that you can see regularly in every single garment. This pocket got the name because, you only get to see the slits of the pocket from outside and you will think they are flapless. In short, the slit is made with a pocket bag inside and you will find only the slit outside. You might have seen this arrangement in the back of many pants, probably. There are mainly two classifications in slit pockets namely, welt pocket and jetted pocket.

Welt pocket

This is a common set-in pocket that is made with fabric welts along its length to pave way for a better support to the pocket opening. Most of the welt pockets are located at the breast level and just above the waist on vests and jackets. Welt is actually a great detail that can be played up and down and could add an aura of whimsical elegance to your look.

Jetted pocket

This pocket has the appearance of narrow horizontal slit in the outer portion of the suit that allows for a lined pocket made in between the linings of the outer material. They are regarded as most formal choices, you know. Most of the formal wears are made with jetted pockets to give off a formidable fashion outlook. This pocket is also called as besom pocket or inset pocket.

Slanted pockets

These pockets are contemporary choices that are generally sewn on sport jackets and bomber jackets. They are also a preferred choice for many ready-to-wear manufacturers. The idea of slanted pocket is emerged from horse riding and hacking jacket. If you have the mannerism of slipping your hands into your jacket pockets all the time, this choice is especially for you. Also, this kind of arrangement makes you look more streamlined wherever you go. It is not necessary to have this design feature in all your outfits, but if you would like to create the illusion of a more defined mid-section, then this is the best bet you could ever find.

This subtle pocket design feature would give your midsection a style definition that could be unmatched anyway. They excellently accentuate your waistline and give you a marvelously classic look that simply can't be beaten. Your curvy figure would be seen more in the limelight and your look will be appreciated by everyone. Gone are the days, when these slanted pockets were utterly a utilitarian feature, but now they are greatly used for fashion purposes. No matter how appealing they are when seen alone, the factual test of any pocket is how it looks on your outfit.

Slantedflap pockets

They are quite same as the slanted pockets, but come with an additional element, flap. They are cut on a certain angle and allow the user to slide his hands into them by opening up the flap.A slanted flap pocket can be made parallel with the waist portion of the pants or an angle that directly points towards the sternum. This kind of pocket is appropriate for both casual and formal wears and gives wearer a sleek style and unique look. You can choose to wear either slanted pocket suits or slanted flap pocket suits, you are sure to look impressive the way you actually are. You will have a trendy and super-cool look with this pocket arrangement, believe me. This pocket adds a more definitive line at the waist area and adds a visual interest to the torso of the wearer. Generally plus size suits are made with these pockets to balance out the proportions making tall men appear more filled out and less lanky.

Fastening pockets

These pockets are generally located in the top or side of the standard patch pocket. Since they are made with an attractive fastening zip, you will have a decorative interest to your look, when worn right. When compared to all other pocket styles, these pockets are far more convenient to keep things highly safe. Unless you undone the zip, the things you kept on the pocket would never face any single slip. They look extremely sharp on the outside. Even though it is minor as well as subtle design feature, it can make a huge difference in mens suits. When you wear a suit made with eye-catching fastening pockets, you will win the attention and love of many young girls. With these pockets, your suit would be considered as the best outfit that is worth a second look. When worn in the right way, they would do a great job while adding a unique dimension and interest to your look.

From simple to ornamented, suit pockets are sure to add a visual interest to your outfits. These pockets, when added to your outfits, amp up your look to a greater extent. So, now are well educated on the types of pockets and it will be extremely easier for you to choose one according to your fashion as well as functional preferences. Make sure to go for a pocket style that blends in perfectly with the overall design of your suit.

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