Cashmere, one of the most valuable and expensive natural fibers is the staple of cold weather fashion. The costly production process and scarcity of the material is what makes them the most expensive, but is definitely worth the money you spend because it offers utmost comfort that you could not even believe. Despite its reputation as one of the finest material for the cold months of the year, the unique properties of the luxurious material, cashmere is often not fully understood and this piece of writing is an attempt to bring out the characteristics of it together with how to care for them.

  • Softness- when it comes to softness, the thickness of cashmere fibres is very small, hence it gives a very fine texture, making the softest of all yarns.
  • Warmth- Keeps warm, not hot. No other fiber keeps you insulated comfortably like cashmere on those freezing days and the insulation capacity is 3 times higher than wool which makes it perfect for maintaining body temperature. ?
  • Lightness- Given the tough insulating competence, cashmere overcoats can be lighter than ones made of wool and still keep perfect body temperature.
  • Shape resilience - Original cashmere does not reduce in size provided when you wash correctly, as a matter of fact, it will retain shape better than wool over the years.
  • Durability- When you take care of your cashmere overcoat the right way, it lasts long.3/4 length car coat

    How to care?

    The material of cashmere is very different from wool and if truth be told, cashmere improves with wears and hand-washes and becomes much softer by developing a downy layer, and keeps its shape much better over the years. The material, apart from being one of the finest, softest and warmest fibers, it is predominantly known for its durability too, unlike any other natural fibers cashmere can easily last 10 years or more and can easily withstand just about 200 wears when it is given the right amount of care. Listed below are some of the details that will present you as of how to care for the material.

  • Do not bleach
  • Cashmere can be washed by hand or washing machine
  • When you are washing by hand, then it is suggested that you make use of cool water (30?C) is the best method and make use of very mild detergent or can also use baby shampoo. On the other hand, if you are using washing machine to wash it then use the hand-wash cycle, just make sure to set it to a cool temperature (30?C) and short cycle not more than 30 minutes. ?
  • Do not wring, but gently press it down to remove excess water.
  • Allow it to dry only at room temperature and avoid direct sun light for drying.
  • Iron at low temperature, and you should never iron on the fabric directly.

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