Men's overcoat is a quintessential wardrobe piece which protects from freezing weather, while still looking handsome. So, while investing in Men's outerwear clothing, it is imperative to mull over on certain factors like length, material, color and so on. Off all, fit plays a major role and when it comes to fit of an overcoat, there is always much more than most men recognize and this article will reveal the finer points of it.

An overcoat is meant to keep you covered from all the external elements, but that doesn't mean you will have to compromise on style and fit. Gone are the days where you walk into a store and buy a one-size-fits-all topcoat that is sagging or too tight. These days you can find in a range of colors, sizes, and fits. Talking about an overcoat's fit; it needs to be as close to perfect for your body as can be; if it is cut and stitched this way, then your chances of staying warm during the winter months is very high. On the other hand, if it's too small, the coat won't fit over your clothes properly and if it is too big, there is great potential for the icy air to travel through your layers and give you chills.Double breasted coat

How do I know if the overcoat that I select is the right fit?

An overcoat should be big enough to fit over a jacket or a suit without adding more padding to the layers underneath. To be precise, the coat must fit squarely on your shoulders i.e. too much room around the chest area means it's ill-fitting. This is how you will know that the overcoat you select is of the right fit.

Next, you should ponder on the measurement lengthwise, whether a full-length or a ? length men's overcoat, while the former should fall just above your ankles, the latter should fall above your knees. Then comes the styling, single-breasted or double-breasted; as with these styles, the DB style gives an authoritative and professional feel, while the SB exudes a stylish yet classic look

To sum up, a well-fitted classic overcoat is a smart investment which will stand hundreds and thousands of wears. Totting up, every time you slip on to it, you'll instantly step up your style, regardless of what you pair it up with, whether a suit, t-shirt, or jeans. Having said all that, the kind of material which is used to make a man's overcoat is something that you have to contemplate on, in order to stay warm throughout the season. Now that you know the importance of having a fitted overcoat in your wardrobe, why be indecisive? Choose from our wide range of Men's overcoat all crafted to perfection. With prices that fit any budget and style, we at overcoatUSA house a range of coat collection with no guilt.